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For four hundred years, Atlas has tried to maintain a semblance of peace throughout the realm.

Since the death of their Queen and a great apathy seized their king, it fell to Atlas, the prince of the vampires, to restore the order. So when he smells an unfamiliar scent that should not have been amongst a party of humans, he goes to investigate and meets Leyala.

Leyala seems to be hiding something, and by trying to uncover what, Atlas starts a chain of events that will cause them to venture across The Seven Realms.


The Seven Realms is an adult visual novel game developed in Ren'Py. The story is told through interactive text, original background music, images, and animations of 3D characters.

We have released the first of seven episodes and are continually developing the game, releasing regular updates. Throughout the story, our characters' journey will take them through all seven realms. We have provided further detail on the realms on the 'Realms' page. More information will become available as development continues.


The Seven Realms is played from the perspective of our main character, Atlas. He is a vampire prince who has been maintaining order in the Realm of Terran. He unexpectedly meets Leyala, and due to the events that transpire, they will need to journey across all seven realms.


The choices that you make will have impacts on the story and Atlas' relationship with other characters. Should Atlas say this if I want them to like him? Will Atlas' alliance with this species impact how another perceives him? If Atlas commits to this path, will they be able to trust him again?


Leyala is the main love interest alongside two other love interests that will be fully developed relationships as the game proceeds. In addition, there will be various other girls throughout the story whom you can grow closer and experience romantic encounters with. Except for Leyala, all romance options are avoidable.


We break down the relationship classifications into three categories.


Love Interests: These are fully developed relationships. The Love Interests are significant parts of the main story.


Harem Members: Each Harem Member will have relevance at a certain point in the main story and can then be explored further in optional side paths (starting in Realm 3).


Bonus Encounters: These are characters with whom you can have one or several sexual encounters, but they will not be developed further via a side path.


With the exception of two, mild, early game scenes, all 'genres' are completely avoidable. Not all of these are currently implemented within the game as it is still under development, but all of these are due to be included within the experience (with more potentially added as we progress).

  • Romance

  • Harem

  • Masturbation

  • Oral Sex

  • Vaginal

  • Anal

  • Virgin

  • Lesbian

  • Exhibitionism

  • MILF

  • Monster Girl

  • Interracial (Black)

  • Interracial (Asian)

  • Interracial (Indian)

  • Creampie

  • Facial

  • Roleplay (Daddy)

  • Roleplay (Master)

  • Threesome (FFM)

  • Foursome (FFFM)

  • Male Domination (Mild)

  • Female Domination (Mild)

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