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New Game Update - High Lathión Update 4!

The fourth release for The Seven Realms - High Lathión is available now for all qualifying supporters and on Itch!

Updates and changes compared to the last version:

  • 291 New Images

  • 8 New Multi-Angle Animations (32 angles)

  • 3 New Trophies

  • 3 New Gallery Entries

  • 1 New Unlockable Title Menu Background

  • Several New Sound Effects

  • New Glossary Entries

  • Added separate sliders for UI sounds and in-game sound effects.

  • Background changes to make the Import Screen run more smoothly.

  • Ability to use Enter and Escape keys when naming saves to navigate the screens quicker.

  • Fixed not being able to use the mouse scroller to scroll through trophies.

Play now on your chosen platform:



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