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New Game Update - Realm 2 Finale is out now!

The ninth and final update for Realm 2 (v0.20) is out now!

The new update includes:

  • 795 New Images

  • 8 New Multi-Angle Animations (41 angles)

  • 7 New Single Angle Animations

  • 1 New Trophy

  • 3 New Gallery Entries

  • A save export feature to export saves into Realm 3 (once released).

  • Teaser trailer for Realm 3: High Lathión.

  • The updated walkthrough for this update is available here on Patreon.

As some of you may know, we had initially intended for this to be two separate releases, but due to the branching paths and the story continuing directly, we thought it would play better as one big update.

Realm 3 will be a separate project, so if you want to carry your saved data across, please ensure you save using the save exporter at the very end.

We hope you enjoy this conclusion to Realm 2. As always, thanks very much for all of your support!

Jay & Tae


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