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New Game Update - Realm 3 Starts Here!

The update offers:

  • 728 New Images

  • 6 New Multi-Angle Animations (24 angles)

  • 3 New Trophies

  • 2 New Gallery Entries

  • 3 New Music Tracks

  • A completely overhauled user interface.

  • A comprehensive in-game glossary.

This update has two branches: one for siding with the demons and the other with the witches in Realm 2. You will need to play a save on both paths to experience everything this update has to offer :)

This is a new game, and you must have exported a Realm 2 save to continue playing it here. If you haven't exported a save, you can start at Realm 3 with a generic save file by selecting "Play without Realm 2 data".

We've worked so hard to improve the quality of everything for this release. We will further update this, adding sounds, some safe-for-work animations and a few other little bits, but for now, please enjoy this new update.

We'd also love your feedback on the new UI after you've played!

Enjoy, and as always, thanks so much for your support. This wouldn't have been possible without you all!


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