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New Game Update - Version 0.13 is out now!

Hey everyone,

Version 0.13 is available TODAY for Rulers of the Realm & Fourth Realm Supporters (To download, check out this post)

Release dates for other tiers are below:

Third Realm Supporters - Tuesday the 13th of December

Second & First Realm Supporters (if £7 or more pledged) & - Thursday the 15th of December

The changes in this version are as below:

  • 211 New Images

  • 3 New Multi-Angle Animations

  • 2 New Trophies

  • 1 New Gallery Entry

  • 2 New Music Tracks

  • Fixed a couple of typos.

  • Adjusted how Save Naming is handled to fix an issue with saves made over choices. Please note that some saves may load several images before your save point. Those made on choices may take you back to the main menu. In this instance, please load another save.

  • Reorganised the glossary and added several new entries.

  • Added Discord Rich Presence. If enabled, your Discord Profile will show something like the below when playing the game:

  • Added Favourite Image feature. Click the heart icon on any game images, and it will save the image to the Favourites tab in the Extras menu:

We hope you enjoy these new features and what this update offers.




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