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New Game Update - Version 0.5 is out now!

Hey everybody,

We've just launched version 0.5 of The Seven Realms on Patreon.

A single playthrough will add around 30 minutes of game time. If you decide to try both main paths, driven by your choice at the end of version 0.4, this will offer more game time. There are also several lewd scene variations.

Other changes in this version include:

  • Added the ability to name your Save pages. This system is a work in progress currently. When you first revisit a renamed page, it displays as Page 1, but it will show the correct name if you click it again. We will fix this issue in the next release.

  • Volume Settings now remain how you left them when you reopen the game.

  • We removed the moaning sounds that we added in the previous version. Unfortunately, we will not be able to continue adding these going forwards due to the cost. Due to a few reasons, we believed it to be maintainable at this stage, but it was not the case.

  • Minor dialogue adjustments to previous updates

We hope that you enjoy this update!

Feel free to contact us here if you are a Patron or on our Discord server. We're very active over there and would love to speak to you about the game.

If you enjoy the game, we kindly request that you leave a like, comment/review on any other platforms where you may play the game. This support will help us gain more exposure and reach a wider audience.


Jay & Tae


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