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New Game Update - Version 0.6 is out now!

Hey everyone,

We've just launched version 0.6 of The Seven Realms on Patreon.

A single playthrough will add around 30 minutes of game time.

Here's what's new in this release:

  • 249 New Images

  • 7 New Animations

  • 4 New Original Music Tracks

  • 6 New Trophies

  • 2 New Gallery Entries

  • Save Page Naming is now fully implemented. Click once on the Save Page Name (example: Page 5), and then you can rename the page.

  • Minor dialogue adjustments to previous updates.

This release is one that we're particularly excited about. We hope that you enjoy playing.

Feel free to contact us on Patreon if you're a supporter or on our public Discord server.

We're active over there and would love to speak to you about the game.

If you enjoy the game, we kindly request that you leave a like, comment/review on any other platforms where you may play the game. This support will help us gain more exposure and reach a wider audience. Any support that you can provide us with is much appreciated and can help us grow the scope of this game.

If you want to vote in this month's polls, pledge before the 19th to be able to vote in all rounds of it. To be eligible for all other June benefits, as long as you pledge to a tier before the end of the month, you will receive all of this month's rewards.


Jay & Tae

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