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Pythonium is out now on Steam!

We're incredibly excited to announce that Realm 2: Pythonium is live on Steam!

Thanks for your support and patience. It took us longer than we'd planned to get it out on Steam, but we're proud of what our team achieved in the time we did!

Compared to the most recent Patreon version (v0.20), the Steam release offers:

  • Around 1,630 remastered images

  • 24 remastered animations and an extra 22 angles

  • Four new non-lewd animations

  • Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Russian and French translations.

We have also added various community items on Steam, such as trading cards, badges, emotes and backgrounds.

In due course, we will also release the enhanced version of Realm 2 on Patreon and Itch.

If you can purchase the game over there, please consider leaving a positive review. It will help us out massively.

We wouldn't be making this release today without your support. We're so appreciative of the support we receive from you all. It truly means the world to us.

Tae has already been working hard on Realm 3. We will have more details on the first release of Realm 3 soon, so stick around!

Jay & Tae


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