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Realm 2 - Coming Soon

Hey everybody,

We are happy to announce that the first update of Realm 2 will be launching on Saturday, the 26th of November.

The update will be available to Patrons and available for purchase on Itch. It will contain 360 new images, three new trophies and two new gallery entries, including five new animations, each with various angles. We have also reworked multiple UI elements to make the overall experience better.

Future Releases

To give you an idea of what Realm 2 will look like, we currently have it mapped out as ten separate updates, and we will be releasing regularly, just like we did for Realm 1.

Further to this, it's also important to note that we're not going to have free releases of The Seven Realms anymore. From the start, we have paid for almost everything from our savings, but it's not sustainable anymore. We don't regret it, as we love our game, but in order for it to achieve its full potential, we would like to hire a team. For Realm 2, we have already hired an animator, and thanks to the generous support of our current Patrons, we have hired a programmer. Hopefully, the improvement will be visible when the update is out. I hope that you can understand our reasoning for making this change.

So the Updates will be available for Third Realm Supporters and above. First and Second Realm Supporters that have accumulated £7 of pledges will also receive new updates via email.

We're also changing our release schedule based on tiers starting from Update 2:

- Fourth Realm Supporters and higher will receive new updates four days early.

- Third Realm Supporters will receive new updates two days early.

- First and Second Realm Supporters (who have accumulated £7 of pledges) will receive the update on release day.


I mentioned this in a previous post, but to re-confirm, saves for version 0.11 (the current Patreon and Itch build) of the game and earlier will no longer be loadable. We rebuilt the game from the ground up as our code wasn't in the best state, but we are very confident about the code of our game moving forward.

Those who have played Realm 1 on Steam can continue their saves into Realm 2. Those who have not played the Steam version will be able to start a new game and re-select the choices made during Realm 1 using a "Path Builder" we have implemented to allow you to 'fast-track' Realm 1. We apologise for the inconvenience of this. The good news is that your trophies and gallery entries will remain unlocked.


We've included a few preview images of the next update:

Thanks, everybody, for your ongoing support. We hope that you're looking forward to playing Realm 2.

Jay & Tae


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