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Version 0.2, First Patreon Poll & New Patreon Supporter Benefits

Hi everyone,

The second update of The Seven Realms will be released this Friday (15/04/22). This will progress the story further and will contain approximately half an hour of new content.

Further to this, on our Patreon page, we will run the first stage of April's poll for a supporter-voted 4K image on Sunday (17/04/22).

- This first poll will be letting us know which realm’s character you would like to see. Check out our The Seven Realms page to see which characters correspond to which realm.

- In subsequent polls this month, supporters will be able to vote on what specific character you’d like to see and more specifically what they will be doing in the image.

Further to this, in the coming days, we will also be adding new benefits to various Patreon tiers:

4K Wallpapers (Second Realm Supporter and higher)

Behind the Scenes Booklet (Second Realm Supporter and higher) Comic Strips (Fourth Realm Supporter and higher)

Thanks, and see you on Friday!


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