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We're on Steam!

Our store page is now live on Steam!

If you'd be so kind as to wish-list it, you‘ll be massively helping us by boosting the game higher on the 'Coming Soon' pages. This means that Steam will push the game to a wider audience.

The Steam version will offer some additional changes compared to the most recent release:

- Some minor UI adjustments.

- Re-proof-read Updates 1-6 to improve grammar and fix spelling errors.

While not yet implemented on the Store Page, we will also be supporting Steam Achievements, Steam Trading Cards and Steam Points Shop Items.

If you'd consider supporting us on Steam by wish-listing and eventually buying the game, we would be incredibly grateful. Also, if you can share the store page link around, we would appreciate the help!

To meet Steam's terms, we have adjusted the game price on Patreon and to match that of Steam. While we would have liked to keep the game free indefinitely, this was the right decision for us moving forward.

Thanks, everyone, for your support and I hope you have a great day!


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