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Life Expectancy:

Sprites can live forever if they choose to. However, most Sprites will come to a point where they long to return to the Realm. It is said that when a Sprite dies, their essence merges with their Realm's essence. Sprites believe that this is why they are one of the only species able to travel through Realms without needing a door.



Sprites are vegetarian. Even if their bodies can digest a low amount of meat, they rarely eat any. Their diet primarily consists of fruits.



Sprites are overly protective of their family and their children. At the birth of their child, Sprites' parents and their family will constantly stay with the newborn in order to imprint on them. If they don't, even if their mind would recognise the child as a family member, their instinct won't.



Sprites have the strongest bond among all species. A Sprite will never refuse their bond mate and will suffer the most if they are betrayed or separated from their mate. As a result, the effect of the bond will be stronger for their mate than it would have been if they were bonded with a non-sprite.

Sprites are the species that have the most bonds with other species.



Sprites are magical creatures. Even if they are stronger than humans, Witches and Mermaids, they wouldn't stand a chance in a purely physical fight against the other species. They use their magic to cast powerful spells or to reinforce their weapons or part of their bodies.

They are fearsome opponents, and most species avoid fighting them.



Sprites are highly emotional creatures. They are extremely warm and loving but can hate with a passion. Nobody wants to be at the end of one of their vendetta.

They don't believe in hiding their feelings and will let people around them know what they think. Thankfully it's positive most of the time.


Physical Attributes:

Sprites have various colour skin tones and pointy ears. The more markings they have on their bodies, the more magical power they have in them. Most half-sprites don't have markings, even if they are insanely powerful.


Sub Species:

Sprites have no subspecies.



Sprites don't have natural enemies like some other species do. However, in recent centuries, they've had a profound hatred for Vampires because of what happened to Queen Effie. This hatred is even extended to Queen Solana.



Sprites are well-liked creatures and are allied with most Realms. They are the only species that had never had conflicts with Fairies.  



Sprites don't worship gods or goddesses, but they think that the life force going through every living being is sacred as it would eventually return to the Realm. Even if it doesn't for certain species, their life force is still important as they help with the circle of life.

They have difficulties understanding and accepting that some other species feed on the life force of others like the Vampires do.



Illustrious Members:


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