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Life Expectancy: 

Vampires are immortal. However, they can be killed, or they can go to slumber.

Going to slumber means that they will voluntarily put themselves into a sleep that no one can wake them up from. Only two Vampires have awoken from slumber.


Vampires sustain themselves by drinking blood. The more powerful the species and person they are drinking the blood of, the longer their thirst would be satisfied.

Powerful blood is also tastier and will allow Vampires to recover quicker and grow stronger.

However, they can also eat normal food even if it won’t procure them any benefit. It just tastes good.


Vampires have difficulties procreating. It’s rare for Vampires to have biological children, so they often resort to turning human and appointing them as their heirs. At the moment, it is assumed that only pure blood and noble Vampires are able to have biological children.

That’s why when Vampires do manage to have biological children, they end up being overprotective. Vampires are known to be without mercy. However, nothing could compare to the fury of the parents of a hurt Vampire child.


Vampires don’t have bond mates unless they are bonded with someone from a species with a bond. Not many Vampires have been bonded. The number must be less than twenty.


Vampires are among the most powerful beings in all Seven Realms. They mostly rely on physical power, but they can use very simple, basic magic.

Vampires are able to control people’s minds to a certain extent, thanks to their compulsion. By using it, they can rewrite some of their targets’ memories or make them bend to their will. However, some species are immune to it.

Vampires are able to regenerate themselves to some degree. The extent of their regeneration would depend on their power. The more powerful a Vampire is, the more regeneration ability they will have. They can transmit some of their regeneration ability by giving some of their blood.


Vampires are known to be cold and merciless. They are practical and don’t let their emotions get in the way of what needs to be done.

They are also promiscuous and have a hard time forming last-long romantic relationships. However, it may happen, and in that case, they would perform a link ceremony in order to be joined with the partner of their choice. Most Vampires look at the link ceremony as a frivolous sentimentality.

Physical Attributes:

Vampires are human-looking creatures with fangs and sometimes different eye colours. Even while looking skinny, they still have an incredible amount of strength.

Sub Species: Vampires can either be pureblood Vampires or transitioned Vampires. Pureblood Vampires are generally stronger than transitioned ones. They can go in the sun freely and can still have children if they are powerful enough. They are not undead, unlike the transitioned ones.

Purebloods look down on transitioned Vampires and look at them as inferior species. It was hard for them to accept Atlas as their ruler and heir of Lucius until Atlas showed that he was stronger than most.

Some transitioned Vampires can go under the sun if they are powerful enough.


Vampires have tense relationships with Werewolves, Elves, Witches, Sprites and Dragons. For Werewolves and Elves, it is due to the fact they oppressed them for thousands of years. A treaty has been established with those species, and their relationships are now mostly peaceful. However, it’s easy to find that a large portion of their population is still bitter about the past.

The Witches hold the Vampires responsible for their inaction when the demons were exterminating them. King Lucius intervened but too late, in their opinion. Like with Elves and Vampires, a treaty has been made with the witches, and their relationship is mostly peaceful.

Sprites can’t forgive the Vampires for what happened to Queen Effie.

Dragons and Vampires had been at war for thousands and thousands of years. The war came to an end for a mysterious reason, but the tension remains. Any Vampire would be attacked on sight if they were to visit Mon’Agrax.


Vampires may have tension with a lot of species, but their allies are, for the most part, powerful.

Mermaids are the least powerful allies of Vampires. They are their allies simply because they can’t be bothered to enter any conflict.

Demons are powerful magical beings. While they are also extremely physically strong, their magic is their strongest asset. The alliance between Vampires and Demons is due to the fact that King Lucius and Ba’el had been friends for longer than most of them can remember.

Fairies are the most feared species in all Seven Realms. It’s incredible that they have any allies, as they’re known to be cruel. However, their King Norandhil is known to be friends with Ba’el and Lucius.


Vampires have no gods or goddesses and do not respect the divinities of others species.

Illustrious Members:


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