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Life Expectancy:

Werewolves’ life expectancy is around 150 years. However, a Werewolf can die from illness, get killed or die brutally if their mate dies. If a Werewolf is bonded with a species with a longer life expectancy than theirs, their lifespan will adapt to that of their bond mates.


Werewolves are omnivores which means they can eat meat, vegetables and fruits. However, they find their nutrition mostly in meat. Red meat, in particular. As their exercise a lot and burn a lot of calories, they eat a lot in order to sustain their energy intake.


Werewolves can get pregnant during their heat. Most of the time, a Werewolf will have a hard time getting pregnant if it’s not with their mates, but it can happen. In general, they will have more than one child in one pregnancy, but not all the time.

They are extremely close to their offspring but also to all the children in their pack.


Werewolves have a bond that links them to one person only. This bond is extremely restrictive as it prevents them from having any romantic physical contact with anyone but their bond mate. If they do, their bond mate would be in an extreme amount of pain.

The bond starts to form as soon as the bond mates look in each other eyes. Then it gets stronger by touching the other. To complete it, they need to sleep with their bond mate. To solidify it, even more, they need to bite each other’s necks.


Werewolves have no magical ability, but they are extremely powerful. Their high regeneration ability and speed make them strong opponents. Most of them are immune to some of the other species’ abilities. However, Vampires are their natural predators.

They can shapeshift and take the appearance of a giant wolf that is even more powerful than their human counterpart. Their wolf has their own personality and makes their feelings known by transmitting emotions.


Hot-headed and impulsive, Werewolves are hot-blooded creatures. They have a strong sense of family and pack. The powerful members will protect the weaker ones in order to leave no one behind.

Physical Attributes:

Werewolves are, in general, really athletic and toned in their human form. As they exercise and train all the time, it is almost impossible to find overweight or out-of-shape Werewolves. Even the Omegas that are not expected to fight still look in shape as their high metabolism burns an enormous number of calories.

In their Werewolf form, they look like giant wolves.

Sub Species:

There are no Werewolf subspecies, but Werewolf society is divided in rank. The highest and most powerful Werewolf of a pack is called the Alpha. Their mate is called the Luna. Their second in command is called the Beta, and their mate is the Beta female/male. The lower-ranked Werewolves are called the Omegas and are protected by the high-ranked ones while they take care of the pack in other ways (cleaning, children’s education, medical centres etc.).


Werewolves don’t have any enemies, but the enemies of Terran are, per extension, theirs.

There are heavy tensions between Werewolves and Vampires as the latter oppressed them for thousands of years.

Allies:  Same logic as for the enemies, the allies of Terran are, per extension, their allies.


Werewolves worship the Moon Goddess. To them, she is the one that created their wolf counterpart and gave them the bond. They see her as a benevolent divinity.

Illustrious Members:


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