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The first of the
Seven Realms


Terran is what we would commonly refer to as planet Earth. Humans believe themselves to be the dominant species, but Terran is also home to Werewolves and Vampires, and with them is where the true power lies.

Our story begins with Atlas and his friends out drinking together in a bar on Terran and whom they meet there will change the future of all seven of the realms.

  • Bond Mates
    Being bond mates with someone means that they are your perfect match. Your mind, body and soul are linked to this person and nobody will fit you like they do. You can share certain abilities with your bond mates depending on their species.
  • Linked Mates
    Vampires normally don’t have bond mates or soul mates. Instead they can chose to link themselves to another vampire. This link is not as strong as the connection that bond mates share, but it still brings the couple closer. It is extremely rare for a vampire to decide to link themselves to someone else.
  • Compulsion
    Vampires are able to influence the thoughts within people's minds. The more powerful the vampire, the harder it is to resist or break their compulsion.
  • Sire
    Someone's sire is used to refer to the vampire that transformed them into a vampire.
  • Alpha
    The Alpha is the leader of a werewolf pack. They are the most powerful wolf in their pack and their duty is to guide and protect the ones below them.
  • Beta
    A beta is the second in command of a werewolf pack.
  • Luna
    The Alpha's bond mate. They lead the pack alongside them, they are usually stronger than most other members of the pack.
  • Omega
    The weakest wolves of their pack. It is the job of the strongest wolves to protect them in case of an attack. In exchange, they take charge of the less physical activities.
  • Werewolf
    Shapeshifting species. They are hot blooded and often act before thinking things through. They have a strong cast system determined by your strength. The strongest werewolf of their pack is their leader and is called an Alpha. The weakest wolves are the Omega. The legend says that they have been created by the Moon Goddess. A lot of werewolves worship her.
  • Vampire
    The most ancient species living in Terran. They drink blood to sustain themselves. However the more ancient and powerful the vampire is, the less they need to feed to live. They have been ruling over werewolves for millennia creating either awe or resentment among them. They are known for their cold and calculating ways of looking at problems and their lack of exclusivity in romantic relationships.
  • Human
    The most prominent species on Terran. The majority are completely unaware of the other ancient species that live among them and they are unaware of the presence of the other realms.
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